Client Profile:

This organisation is a provider of GPS, tracking and specialist software tools to the commercial fleet market. Offering clients' 30% savings on fuel consumption, mapping and logistics costs, this company and their products have fast become the brand of choice for organisations with fleets across Europe. With headquarters in Edinburgh, this organisation has been serving the needs of UK businesses for over 10 years.

The Challenge:

Like any company with a product to sell, this company wanted to reach out across the UK and Ireland and utilise an outsourcer with vast experience in telemarketing; to generate new business for their product range. Whilst employing a number of field sales experts, the chosen outsourcer was to be tasked with telephone appointment setting whilst achieving the following;

  • Increase appointment rate whilst focussing on high value prospects
  • Proactively schedule appointments in order to reduce field sales costs
  • Deliver outstanding first impressions and product education to prospective clients

In January 2011, the UK leader in transport related software chose SVCC to service their needs.

The Solution:

SVCC took on the challenge with energy and vigour. As a skilled outsourcer in the telemarketing field, we utilised experienced telemarketing staff with specific skill sets, working from home using our acclaimed virtual platform. By drawing on our insights we were quickly able to identify the potential areas to increase our clients' level of business and the high output level soon followed.

As with all our new clients, we identified the correct staff from our bank of talented home based agents and used the correct mix of skills, technology and management to ensure our clients every need was met. Using our real time reporting modules and analysis software, we were able to plan calling hours and trends in advance to ensure value and output were at a maximum.

The Result:

Increased levels of appointments and customer satisfaction over previous outsourcer. Our high quality working conditions also dramatically lowered the clients training costs and campaign attrition rate and created continuity in the service.

Client Profile:

This company, over 80 years old, and leading the way in both indoor and outdoor lighting products, have a mission statement that pinpoints them as a brand of quality and a name the consumer can trust. Leading the way in innovation and development of new products that are cutting edge in design and efficiency, this client understand that knowing the exact needs of their customer, is the key to successful operation.

The Challenge:

This company asked Salisbury VCC, through regular outbound contact, to find out what their customers thought of them and how they rated their products and services, to essentially allow them to increase the quality of their output. They were looking for an outsourcer that matched their outlook on quality of service, offered a business as 'unusual' flexibility to the work, (a month of calling every 6 months) and would offer a reporting structure that gave them a precise measurement of how well they were working for their customers.

In late 2010, the world leader in indoor and outdoor lighting chose Salisbury VCC.

The Solution:

Salisbury VCC embraced this work with open arms, in the knowledge that our experienced and qualified outbound agents would take to the task with proficiency, ensuring high standards of engagement and output. Upon agreeing a format of questionnaire style calling to a fixed number of customers per campaign, SVCC started calling through a Monday to Friday window to ensure maximisation of the contact.

Ensuring the correct agent skill set for a quality measurement piece of work like this was of utmost priority for the operations team at Salisbury VCC and utilising the entire UK and Ireland pool that is available on our virtual network meant that only the finest research experience callers made the grade on this campaign.

The Result:

With increased customer / vendor transparency and ability to actively improve on service offering, this client fully understands the needs of their customer and can offer a more bespoke service as a result. Such is their delight with the output from SVCC, the contract length has been placed at three years allowing fixed regular campaigns to ensure they remain ahead of the competition for years to come.

Client Profile:

The challenge:

The CMA and Carbon Trust collaborated with a charity to look into the use of ICT to facilitate remote contact centres as an enabler of a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
The charity is funded by the Legal Services Commission and others. It provided legal and information services and other support to immigrants and asylum seekers in (or those seeking entry to) the UK. The charity was directly attempting to reduce travel time and costs. As an organisation it is looking for ways to provide its services to the same standard but minimise the travel requirements of both its staff and those who use the services. Initiatives, at various stage of development, include remote contact centres, remote legal advice, centralised training and homeworking.

The solution:

The charity provided a number of central and regional phone numbers for asylum seekers and immigrants to get information and book appointments with appropriate legal advisors. The charity switched all of these calls to be routed through an outsourced contact centre run by SalisburyVCC (SVCC). Previous to this, calls were answered by two or three receptionists at each regional office. All call centre services provided by SVCC only use workers located at their own homes – i.e. remote contact centres. The remote contact centre worker will log the call, take down the caller’s details and carry out a mini-assessment of the caller. This information is then used to get the caller an appointment with a legal worker.

The Result:

There were approximately 45 remote contact centre workers. Of these, 43 work from home 5 days per week and 2 of them for 2 days per week.

As a result of using a remote contact centre, the charity prevented the release of 93 tonnes of CO2 per annum into the atmosphere.

Potential Carbon Reduction with SVCC

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