Outsourcing your customer service requirement to Salisbury VCC can make huge reductions in your business carbon footprint. We place great priority in helping your organisation reduce its carbon emissions through the deployment of our virtual platform. The most significant environmental savings achieved by outsourcing with Salisbury include:

  • A reduction in carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere from the use of cars and public transport, as Salisbury telephone agents are based in their own home office environments using the Salisbury VCC secure virtual platform.
  • As there is no need for a customer service office, there is a huge reduction in environmental office waste such as hefty photocopiers and fax machines, supplementary office hardware and unused computers.
  • No need to heat and supply electricity to large customer service departments as agents are dispersed and operate at home using personal heating and electricity supplies, thus reducing energy consumption and ultimately helping the environment.

By outsourcing your customer service or sales department to Salisbury VCC, you could be significantly dropping your companies carbon emissions. Our virtual contact centre platform can reduce carbon dioxide, fuel consumption and pollution. In addition to this, home agents are, through independent research, more satisfied than traditional contact centre workers, salary costs are generally lower and there is a broader, more flexible workforce. Our model provides 24/7 service coverage. Service coverage that is operational long after the final smog inducing train has left its station.

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