With over 70 years of contact centre management experience, the Salisbury VCC senior team have vast experience in the rigours of this ever changing industry. Our team are passionate and dedicated to helping you find the ultimate contact centre solution.

Our workforce has been stringently selected and vetted, and come pre equipped with our impressive virtual contact centre technology for handling and making calls on behalf of your business. Our scale up and reaction time is substantially more impressive than any brick and mortar contact centre. Our individual models are supplied with agents who are all located within the UK. In fact, all of our telephone agents answer calls on behalf of clients from home offices across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

And because they are located within the United Kingdom, they do not need to travel to cover every regional demand for accent or dialect. Should your organisation require agents from any particular region within the UK, then Salisbury VCC can provide this without delay.

In addition to being dedicated in our aims to be efficient at call handling, we are also devoted to offering a quality call experience. We believe in simple courtesy and manners in addition to strong telephone communicative skills. To ensure this, we have a dedicated team of Quality Assurance personnel who have extremely low tolerance for error or less than incredible telephone manner.

  • We ensure our staff are fully versed and trained to handle calls.

  • We would expect our telephone agents to be a true extension of your company brand and thus training is of the utmost importance.

  • We strive to continually coach all of our telephone agents in line with our clients' criteria, keep them updated in standard operating procedures as well as the timely delivery of client updates and notifications.

  • We focus on being adherent to client policy and procedure such as scripting and workflow process.

  • We aim to ensure data capture is of the highest quality, thus allowing multi agent involvement across longer drawn calls.

Your data is secure with Salisbury VCC

Your data is secure with Salisbury VCC

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