When you opt for Salisbury VCC as your choice for an inbound and outbound contact centre solution, you can be assured that:

  • Every customer contact is customer focused and recognisably your brand. Salisbury VCC place great emphasis on the cultural fit between your requirement, our service and the alignment of both company brand values.
  • Your customers are given industry leading levels of customer service that supports the goal of your company or charity and enhances your customer/supporter experience.
  • Customer contact services that are responsive to changes in customer demand and can grow in line with your business and customer needs.
  • Services that are delivered cost effectively and competitively. 
Telemarketing, Surveys and Fundraising

Salisbury VCC delivers inbound and outbound voice and email campaigns to the commercial, charity, and government sectors. Salisbury VCC has the potential; proficiency and passion to help the customer service or sales element of your business deliver upon its desired objective. We operate a state of the art, virtual contact centre platform on our full outsourced campaigns and overflow services.

We use teams of expertly trained customer advisors, based at home, using Salisbury VCC's secure and state of the art virtual platform. We will work with you to understand your project, areas of activity and volumes and plan for them accordingly. Salisbury VCC and the technologies we employ are tailored for fast and responsive campaigns including full inbound /outbound and overflow projects. Our culture is all about enhancing the customer experience whilst improving client processes.

Our of Hour Service

We specialise in 'out of hours' campaigns, where our home based agent pool, not concerned by lack of late night transport or fears of personal security, ensure your KPIs are met and campaigns are running 24/7. Our model, with its ability to source from the entire UK and Ireland means we can find the best contact centre people in the business to work on your campaigns day and night.

We offer out of hours call handling services that provide the basics such as virtual reception through to full 24/7 manned help lines and support services. Our flexibility and expansive recruitment network means we can offer the same ramp up ability at 3am as we can at 3pm.

You can sleep soundly in the knowledge that Salisbury VCC are looking after your business needs when the sun goes down.


The unique Salisbury VCC setup and structure for overflow campaigns, allows us to rapidly and efficiently scale up from the initial seat requirement to an almost infinite number at short notice. Our structure consists of a bank of experienced and dedicated contact centre professionals either contracted to your campaign or contracted on a standby basis. This means that we always have a talented pool of agents who are ready and willing to assist on a campaign ramp up, a project overflow or an unpredicted increase in volume.

Business Continuity

Salisbury VCC believes that any amount of downtime can mean lost customers and ultimately lost revenue which is why our family of business continuity products addresses these potential pitfalls.  Unlike traditional business continuity processes, the Salisbury VCC platform is not hindered by a physical work area or hard to reach emergency response centres. These traditional solutions are catered to accommodate around 20-30% of ‘critical’ staff with commute and setup times of 3-4 hours, whilst our virtual platform is scalable to allow 100% of usable agents to be on the telephones, making and taking calls within 30 minutes keeping your business alive.

Our virtual platform, when used in a disaster recovery model means no travel is required by our agents and congregation of staff is avoided. This allows us to be unaffected by the almost annual winter snow storms or increasingly common pandemic outbreaks that hinder both businesses and the traditional disaster recovery solutions on offer. Salisbury VCC have agents employed at home all across the UK, linked to each campaign using our next generation virtual contact centre technology, so should a power outage hit or a localised disaster strike, only a tiny portion of our workforce is affected. Our model allows us to enable fast, responsive services and offer practically unlimited scalability should the need arise.

Customer Service

With over 70 years of contact centre management experience, the Salisbury VCC senior team have vast experience in the rigours of this ever changing industry. Our team are passionate and dedicated to helping you find the ultimate contact centre solution.

Our People

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