Salisbury VCC have in place, proven systems and procedures that allow us to measure with pinpoint accuracy our performance as a communications centre. In order for our performance to meet these high self set standards, it needs to pass a specific set criteria that we believe is intimately linked with overall customer satisfaction; the satisfaction of your customers.

The most important element of performance measurement is that associated with service. We, with exceptional detail, monitor service levels of all campaigns. We aim to consistently fall within service levels agreed with our client, be it:

  • Pre defined service level agreements;
  • Average speed of answer within a specific period;
  • Queue times and lengths; by measurement of the length a call has been queuing longest;
  • Abandonment rate measuring the time taken for callers in a queue to not reach an agent as the call is dropped;
  • Average talk and wrap up time.

Our range of contact centre technology is vast and ever changing. As well as utilising technology platforms that encapsulate all current data protection legislation, we operate speech analytics technology on campaigns that require it, secure payments processing and encryption of data.

SalisburyVCC undertakes to ensure that its security measures are the best within industry practice and this includes an credited ISO27001 platform, encryption to AES256 standard, call recording stored and encrypted and this is checked by a third party ‘Approved Scanning Vendor’. Data Protection training is undertaken by all staff and CRB checks are undertaken before staff are employed.

  • Systems:
    We use a state of the art hosted system which is ISO27001 compliant.

  • Data Storage: All data is stored in the UK on secure servers which are all checked by a 3rd party Approved Scanning Vendor (Trustwave)

  • Data Transfer: Any data which is moved is transferred via a FTP platform for the client and encrypted / password protected email between 3rd parties. Additionally we take precautionary steps such as agreeing password schedules in advance.

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Salisbury VCC have agents employed at home all across the UK

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